Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Hello, and welcome to Tidal Wave Ministries International. This ministry was founded by Dave and Vicki Lebo of Hedgesville, WV with an original calling that goes back to 1985. They have been through the schools of "hard knocks", "Holy Spirit", "prophets", and many years of formal education as well to prepare them for "such a time as this". Preaching the word of the Lord prophetically as the Lord gives utterance; to all who will hear! Sounding an alarm on God's holy mountain: the day of the Lord is at hand, it is here, it is now, it is among you! God is showing up in the midst of His body! What better place?

  Christ's visage was marred more than the sons of men; there was no beauty to behold in him. He gave all of His beauty to his bride! When we as the body of Christ come together in unity, then He is "altogether lovely"! Feet function as feet should; hands as hands where created to; eyes as eyes; mouths as mouths; and so on and so on! The body functions and lives, and moves, and has it's being in freedom and health! We help the body to become healthy again!

  To do that, we need to let God be God in our midst again! Be delivered from all fear and let go and let God! Allow our Father in Heaven establish His spiritual government in His kingdom, which includes His five-fold ministry as seen in Eph. 4-11. All five are a critical "must have" in the days that we live in! We need more of God not less! We help the body of Christ get back on track and hear from heaven once again, to discover what is the hope of your callings, and the will of God for your lives.

   Romans 12:1-2 says to be "transformed by the renewing of your minds". We have to be open to changing even our thought life and begin to get the mind of Christ concerning all the things of life! The greek word for repent is "metaneo" which means to change the way you think! Repent of our old, wrong, thinking that doesn't line up with God's written word. Much of what God can do in our lives, yes... begins with repentance. Things that we have screwed up and gotten way wrong! It's not too late to change-- be transformed! That's what God's word in us is all about!! Change, and be different than you were yesterday!! That's where the resurection power of God is discovered! Your life will not be the same! Your ministry will not be the same! Be boldly honest with yourself and with God-- He knows it anyway! Let Him take you to the depths of God; places in Him you have never gone before! It's all up to you how far you go! He needs your 100% cooperation and permission! Let go and let God! You'll be forever glad you did!

   There is a vast ocean of all that God is that awaits you! We will help you go deeper in Him beyond your wildest imagination! It's to the oceans of God! Race you to it! Be Blessed!

   We hope you take the time to explore our website and use some of the resourses that are available to you ! Take your time and enjoy!