#1. Sounding a trumpet call for the Lord, prophetically preaching the word of God in the power of  the Holy Spirit, to be a catalyst for global revival bringing the body of Christ into her full identity and inheritance through church meetings, home prayer groups, conferences, books, CD's, videos, open air outdoor events, ect... wherever a God may open a door!

#2. Establishing the Kingdom of God and His government in all it's fullness with healings, signs, and wonders, activating His 5-fold ministry and helping every believer to walk in their callings and destiny helping them to reach their full potential in Christ Jesus.

#3. Restoring the Power of God back to His Church and people where it rightfully belongs. Discover a tidal wave of God's Spirit on the inside of you! Go to the depths and find ALL that He IS !

#4. Activating ALL the gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow freely in the body of Christ as a full expression of Jesus the Messiah.

#5. Breaking down denominational walls and bring a UNITY to the church like never before! Unity and anointing go together! Ps: 133.

#6. Enlightening the body to who they are in Christ and what they have at their disposal. And also, know who their God is.

#7. Calling the church back to what it means to be in covenant with their God.

#8. Giving out fresh "Bread- n- Wine" to the hungry and thirsty to help transform a culture and bring a nation back to God one life, city, and state, at a time!

#9. Being a vessel of the Holy Spirit to bring forth God's revelation to edify the body as He reveals His mysteries for any given time, place, or people.

#10. Sharing the heart of the Father ministering His Love for his creation through an Isaiah 61 anointing.

#11. Carrying a "Breaker Anointing" to destroy enemy strongholds over people, cities, states, and nations!

#12. Upholding and establishing godly family values seeing the marriage covenant between one man and one woman-- the highest institution on earth-- reflecting the deep, intimate relationship between Jesus Christ and His Church!

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