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"Abiding Under The Shadow: God's Call To Return To Covenant Relationship For His People"

$26.00 retail plus tax and S&H. (b&w. paper. 6x9in. 492pgs.)

A prophetic word to the world-wide church... to all who will hear! See the revelation of Psalm 91 open up to you as never before!  Do you abide under the shadow of the Almighty? What does it mean to be in covenant with God, and what are the benefits?  These questions and more will be answered if you will take this exciting journey through 12 levels of discovery! Deep calls unto deep. God is calling His church to come deeper in their relationship with Him. Will you come to the depths where a vast ocean of all that God is awaits you? You will be challenged, perhaps like never before. Discover some mysteries and secrets that have been kept hidden until now. God is revealing them through His prophets in this day! A must read for all believers and ministers!