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What people are saying about "Abiding Under The Shadow"

 by David Lebo: (you can submit a review to: davelebo4@gmail.com) 

--Literally one of the very best books I have ever read. Totally orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. Loaded with Scripture and God’s “word” for His church for this season we are in. Very meaty. You will not read it in one day. There is so much wisdom and understanding to absorb. I have NEVER been more impacted spiritually than by the writings of Pastor David in this book. He truly has a deep connection with God and is unashamed to preach the Gospel and bring conviction to God’s people. I highly recommend it. It will change your life. Deep calls to deep. If you are hungry for MORE, this will help catapult you to the next level of knowing God. I am grateful to God He has used this Pastor so mightily. God bless you Pastor David and Merry Christmas to you and yours (12-06-2017)
                                                                            --- Pam Patterson  (Georgia)

---"Dave, it's hard for me to even put into words what your book has done for me deep within! God's planning and timing is awesome. I'll try to explain briefly, at the same time I ordered your book our Church was going through some awesome stuff spiritually and physically, God has been calling us to Him, His presence was increasing and then the sprinkler system went off in our church for no reason.. Water damage from top to basement, our Pastor knew this was all Prophetic, God was changing our church physically and spiritually. He gave us a surprise, especially one Sunday. His presence was so strong Pastor had a hard time standing, I went to give a word and 3 people had to hold me up. That went on for several weeks...All that to say we knew God was asking to come back to Him in deeper way, knowing this and reading your book has allowed God to grip my heart like never before. God has always taught me with books and that is why I knew this was all a divine setup. I just finished your book at 2 am this morning. 

I wish I had the right words. I don't, but what I do have is a hunger along with my sisters and brothers to know my God to be everything He has promised, totally sold-out to go after a fallen world. This probably doesn't make any sense but when God moves, you can't understand it you have the enjoyment of being in it and just let God takeover..

I have never read a book like this, all I can say is THANK YOU!!! for obeying God and putting on paper all that He showed you. I've been blessed beyond understanding, when you write another and I'm sure you will, I want to be first in line to get it. You can't possibly do better than this one but with GOD you can and will. 

Bless you and your family and ministry."                     
                                                                           ----Sandy (Massachusetts)

--- "Abiding Under The Shadow" is truly fresh bread from heaven. I devoured the entire book (492 pgs) in one week. Upon finishing it I started from the beginning again to underline, highlight, meditate, and draw nourishment from its many wells for my hungry and thirsty soul. If you want to eat from the King's table, I highly recommend buying this book and be continually filled for many years to come by reading and rereading its pages. My passion is for the Lord to awaken my heart to His fullness, and you too can experience this as you dive into the depths of this book penned by God -- and David !

                                                                                     --- Yvonne  (Frederick, Md.)

---  This God inspired writing by David Lebo will take you on the journey your heart has longed for and your soul is willing to die for! You must not read it though, you must instead drink of it -- absorb it -- soak it in! "Abiding Under The Shadow" will challenge you, encourage you, deliver you and enable you to be a vessel of  "pure gold"!   ---Thanks David !!

                                                                                     --- Vicki Brunk  (Frederick, Md.)


--- Extremely Life Changing: this book is an incredible book. It took me awhile to just get through the introduction, because of the Holy Spirit working in me through all that was in it. I am working through the chapters, but this book is nothing to take lightly. There is a lot of meat to swallow, digest, and apply. This is a book that you will be able to return to time and time again for reference and guidance in for certain things. If you are looking for something meaty or you need a boost to get on fire for God all over again, I highly recommend this book. It will definitely do the job! Thank God for using David Lebo for such a timely message to all the saints. Also, if you like prophetic words-- buy this book -- because it's full of them!

                                                                                     --- Teresa (Newville, Pa.)

--- This book is for everyone; no matter where you are in your faith journey. It is filled with scriptures that reminds us of God's desire to be in a deeper relationship with Him. He offers us a tsunami of mercy and grace wherever we are. God is calling us -- the Church-- to go deeper! This book will challenge you to lose yourself, journey deeper, and to trust completely. Like Peter, He is calling us out of the boat! This is a book that can be reread many times over for strength, encouragement, courage, and peace.

                                                                                     --- Julie Rowe (Hagerstown, Md.)

--- All praise be to God for the great work HE did for the body of CHRIST when HE created David Lebo and anointed him to speak for HIM. Your book "Abiding Under The Shadow", is like another bible for anyone seeking for more of GOD. It was as if GOD was feeding the hunger of my heart as I read this book. I found it to be most refreshing, revealing, encouraging, informative, enlightening, inspirational and full of impartation just to name a few. I ended each chapter running to the next one to see what does the Lord yet require of me. I know that GOD'S WORD gives us all that HE requires of us but this book serves as an enabler to fulling the requirements. As a fertilizer that is needed to help a well seeded lawn to be at it's best. I have learned so much from each chapter and found much agreement in areas where I was previously scolded for my questions and understandings. This is not a book that I can loan to anyone because I don't want to be without it! I am reading it again and will read it again and again! It is a bible companion for me and I do recommend it to believers old and new!

    Boldly I can reiterate after reading this book, I was born for such a time as this! CHRIST  IN ME is the hope of Glory! Yes, he that hungers and thirsts for righteousness shall be filled for surely HE that has begun a good work in you shall perform it until the day of JESUS CHRIST. Thank you Brother Dave and Sister Vicki... be blessed and I pray a thousand times return on your labor of love shown in this book. Until we meet again...


                                                                                    --- Sharon Green (Baltimore, Md.)


David Lebo, a true prophetic voice for the end time harvest, sums up the importance of consecrating everything to the Living God in his prophetic book "Abiding Under The Shadow". A synopsis of the numerals one through tweleve, each chapter challenges the reader to go deeper into the glory realms of God until their flesh no longer exists. The numbers spring to life with symbolic prophetic meaning! Dive to the depths with David and allow the pressure to transform your flesh to His Glory! Life as you know it will never be the same!

                                                                                   --- Traci Carter (Hagerstown, Md.)


David Lebo is a fiery catalyst for Kingdom advancement. He holds a powerful apostolic, prophetic mantle to equip and train a generation of burning ones for God's end time army. His book, "Abiding Under The Shadow", will sweep you into the deep revelation and insight which God has revealed to him in this fully loaded training manual for the latter day harvest! Knowledge is power and with the application of these truths your Kingdom walk will only accelerate your quest, as you pursue His presence.

                                                                                   --- Robin Lazarek (Pa.)

David is an awesome man of God! No hype... he flows in the Spirit! I recommend his book "Abiding Under The Shadow". But be prepared , it will change your life forever when you experience God in a new way! Being filled over and over again by God's mighty presence and power! Soak in it... soak in it... new revelation every time you read and reread... it will take time to read it because there's so much to take in... God has given him wisdom and knowledge...he shares it with all. It will challenge you to go deeper in God no matter where you are in your journey with Him. It calls us into a deep, deep relationship with the lover of our soul. It's what He wants from us... for such a time as this... wake up church... our KING JESUS is coming looking for a bride... a Queen prepared for Him! Are you ready? I am even more now thanks to David's book and being in a conference and house meeting with him and his lovely wife Vicki. He lives in this realm that he writes about... it's obvious... you see Jesus in them both! So get on his website and order your book... go to a meeting and be apart of what God is doing in the earth through this ministry! Thanks David... still getting revelation from your CD at the conference and your book. Our lives will never be the same... ever again! Love you guys! God Bless You!

                                                                                     --- Mary Todaro (Mt. Union, Pa.)


The Master's Piece,

There are two kinds of Masterpieces to me. First, is the more widely known definition related to literature, or what we have come to know as an exceptionally great piece of creative work. I can most assuredly say: David Lebo merits the ranking "Masterpiece" with "Abiding Under The Shadow: God's Call To Return To Covenant Relationship For His People". The other masterpiece, most imperative to me and my spirit's willingness to believe and receive from an author is knowing that The Master Himself had a PIECE of this work: "The Master's Piece".

Throughout the journey of this book, there is an evident hand and heart of God that is revealed to you in the accompanying scriptures, enlightening content, and the strategic unveiling of the beautiful personal relationship that awaits us "Under The Shadow". I cannot say the last time I was so encouraged and engaged in God's story! "Abiding Under The Shadow" is a brilliant portrait that broadens knowledge and understanding, while it sweeps you into a deeper passionate LOVE and awakening to our precious Heavenly Father.

                                                                                      --- Toni Bishop Lang (Florida)


Keep asking, seeking and knocking. 
As a maturing body, the church is coming into the “end of days” where the preparation we have been undergoing, comes face to face with the reality of a fallen and corrupt world system.  What will we do?  “KEEP” is the key word.  David Lebo takes us as the matured body of Christ and adeptly leads us to understand the abiding that is required to move into this end time battle.  It is a battle for souls.  Without the abiding, in Christ the anointed one, Messiah, our battles will be futile when performed in the flesh.  No success can come from any action performed by the church from the flesh.  David takes us through the abiding process, because it IS a process.  You cannot abide in Christ without an intimate relationship with Him and His Word daily.  No relationship can flourish with minimal contact, how then should the church expect results from a non-existent relationship?  Can we expect His manifestations by calling on His Name only when we need Him?  Or, with a daily relationship built on His Word, built on time in the secret place, with the Holy Spirit leading, can we expect Him to respond to our prayers when they are not even formed on our lips but merely building in our hearts and spirits!  Yes, through an abiding relationship we should expect miraculous responses to the church body’s heartfelt cries for ourselves, our families, our businesses, our cities and states, our nations, THE NATIONS.  David Lebo’s “Abiding Under The Shadow” is exactly what the mature body of Christ has to digest and live NOW in order to resuscitate us to our end time call.  What is at stake for a complacent and slumbering church body?  Souls, eternity.  

You must understand, you cannot expect to jump into an abiding relationship with anyone at a moment’s notice.  As David Lebo leads us throughout this written process, he clearly sets forth the abiding requirements, scriptures to confirm same, and words of knowledge to the body as a whole of where we are currently and where we need to be immediately.  There is so so little time, “Abiding Under The Shadow” is your next read, it has to be.  Slumbering church - wipe your eyes, stretch yourself, it’s time to arise and ABIDE in Him, and STAY “under His shadow”.  I will be re-reading to dig out more truths so I can... abide with Him and He can complete His purposes... it is the appointed time.

                                                                                   -- Susan Bowles