Mission Statement

  Welcome to the Tidal Wave Ministries International website and thanks for dropping in! We hope this website is a blessing to you as you connect with us and get to know us a little bit better! Our prayer is to help you grow in your relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to show you to the depths in God!

  A ministry raised up by the Lord with a Jeremiah ch.1 calling -- a prophet to the nations -- to be a catalyst for global revival and help bring the church into her full identity and inheritance! Preaching the word of the Lord prophetically as God enables sounding a call to come back to the original covenant that Jesus began! Crossing all denominational lines, breaking down the walls that separate the body of Christ to bring a unity like never before. Carrying a specific message based on Psalm 91 now written down for all to read! Dave is the author of the new book: "Abiding Under The Shadow: God's Call To Return To Covenant Relationship For His People". This message is a word from the Lord for the entire body of Christ; to all who will hear! Fanning the flames of revival until America is blazing hot as one huge forest fire! We havn't seen anything yet! The best is yet to come!

  The Tidal Wave is a symbol of the power of God that lies deep within every believer; but few ever know how to access it.  Many never realize that it is even there!  We help find the way to the depths of God to release God's power in and through His people for an end time revival such as the world has never seen before! Eye has not seen nor has ear heard what the Lord has in store for His children. A Tidal Wave of God's Power is begining to sweep across America and to the Nations! The power of God is being restored back to the body of Christ where it belongs in this hour! Deep calls unto deep! It's to the oceans of God where ALL that He is awaits you! Race you to it!