By David Lebo |  April 9, 2018

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--David Lebo

Did you know that your worship continues on long after the songs are over?
The Lord has been highlighting to me for many months the importance of developing our own altar of worship in our daily lives, and that this year would be a year of the “new song”. This “new song” is mentioned 7 times in scripture, but I will use only one here and start out with this verse:
Psalm 33:3 “Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully [on the strings]
with a loud and joyful sound.”
I love this series of numbers: 333. Sometimes you may see a series of numbers being highlighted to you during a certain period of time. You seem to see them everywhere!  The Lord does speak through numbers. He may be impressing a particular verse, or thought, or an idea on you, to get you to see something that He’s trying to get across to you that demands your further attention.
The Lord, by His Holy Spirit, has been wooing us for quite some time, to come into His holy presence with such a gentle, sweet calling of His voice. Even in this moment right now the Lord is wooing us and beckoning to us saying, “Come, come, come! Come unto me, in this very moment”.  Make your seat, or wherever you are, an altar for the Lord. You are the sacrifice! You are the altar of the Lord; 24/7- you are the altar of God.  Your worship continues on long after the songs are over.  You are the song. Worship is a way of life! Wherever you may go, whether you are driving down the road, at your workplace, or in the shower- it doesn’t matter. You are the worship song to the Lord. Hallelujah.  Your worship is 24/7, every waking moment and every sleeping moment in the quietness of the night, to dream the dreams of God. Your worship doesn’t stop. You are the 24/7 worship house of the Lord! Hallelujah! Glory!  And right now, you are part of God’s eternal worship team.  Holy Spirit quickened this song to my heart:  “No rock is going to take my place! No rock is going to take my place! No rock’s going to take my place.”  
Luke 19:40 “He replied, I tell you that if these keep silent, the very stones will cry out.”
You see, you are a “living stone” in the house of my God.  You are a living stone in Him; one that reverberates life –24/7.  In this time, the Lord is strategically placing you by his very hand; where in days past, man has tried to place you, but it didn’t fit.  Man tried to place you and force you into a hole that you didn’t belong!
You have been a “living stone” at the altar of my God, and the greatest stonemason in the entire universe has been hammering on you, and hammering on you, and hammering on you, and He said, “Not ready yet. Not ready yet. Not ready yet.”  As He said in Jeremiah, “Is not my word like a hammer”, says the Lord.  “And I’ve been pounding on you, and pounding on you, because there were some rough places that I needed to break off to get just the perfect fit. Oh, the very rocks will cry out…  He’s been hammering on us, every single one, and it’s been very painful at times! But we can’t allow our circumstances and what we’ve been through to steal our song! No rock’s going to take my place!  No rock can take my place, no, no, no, no!
Your personal praise, 24/7, when no one else is watching, will be your primary weapon for your breakthrough! Hallelujah! And you and God are a majority! Let me say that again, you and God are a majority! Then, Holy Spirit sang this phrase: “I’m looking for one!  I’m looking for one!  I am looking for one!” The word says that the eyes of the lord are searching to and fro throughout the earth looking for one.
  2Ch 16:9  “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are blameless toward Him.”
“Can I find one that has made an altar of worship when no one’s watching?  One that has brought down the fire of God to already consume the sacrifice that has worshiped at my feet before they stand in the pulpit- for you are the sacrifice! You are the fuel for my fire, and you are going to release the new sound and the new song in your own life, at your own altar, and give a shout of praise when no one else is around.”
Psalm 33:3 “Sing onto him a new song. Play skillfully with a loud noise… with a loud noise… with a loud noise… with a loud noise! I am going to say it again: with a loud noise! Sometimes you have got to release a shout!  You have my permission right now, where you are, to shout onto the Lord for He is good.  For no rock is going to take my place.  He is good!  When you have nothing else to say a “hallelujah” will do.  It means “Let Us praise the Lord”, or “Praise Yahweh”! So with this, you are releasing the greatest praise that you could ever speak, and it’s the same in every language.  (It is a pure Hebrew word and yet is found in almost every language under the sun.) Their word for hallelujah is hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  There’s no confusion in this word!
God is raising up a people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.  We know the word, but we need the spirit with the word so it will be a 50/50 balance. You won’t be afraid of getting out of balance. Too much word and not enough spirit, the lampstand falls over and it gives no light. Too much spirit and not enough word the lampstand falls over and it gives no light.  God’s looking for the worshiper in this hour!  He’s looking for the worshiper.  He’s looking for the worshiper.  You will worship at His feet before you stand in His pulpit.  You’ll be a worshiper before you ever teach the word.  You’ll be a worshiper before you ever play before the multitudes.  You will worship in the fields before any one invites you to the party.
No one invited little David to the party.  He was worshiping in the field.  He made his own altar.  And Samuel asked is there another?  Jesse, are all your sons here?  The oldest, the handsomest, the smartest, the tallest, the strongest, were all brought before Samuel, the Lord’s prophet, that day.  We all have heard the story.  Man sees in the natural; God looks at the heart.
 1Sam. 16:7 “But the Lord said to Samuel, Look not on his appearance or at the height of his stature, for I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”
He’s looking for ONE, with a heart of God. What made David so special?  Was he perfect?  No.  He had the heart of God.  Because, then, when you mess up, you are quick to repent.  You have the heart of God.  He’s not looking for perfection in this hour because we’ve all missed the mark.  We have all messed up.  But he has been molding and shaping the heart of the worshiper in this hour.
The Lord sees you all as the Marys that have broken open your alabaster box and you have been worshiping at Jesus’ feet when no one else in the room was willing to honor Jesus for who He was.  They had a meal in honor of him and it was customary to anoint the guest.  But no one was willing to honor even Jesus at a meal planned just for him. But Mary broke open everything she had.  She broke open a year’s wages at his feet.  To the watching disciples it was a waste.  To the world it will be a waste.  To the world your worship will be foolish.  To the world it will be a waste of time!  But you’re building an altar of his anointing for your own life.  And that’s all you need.
 “For you are my anointed ones,” says the Lord. “Oh my David’s, my David’s, I am calling you.  I’m calling you out from the fields, from the place of worship.  I’m in need of you now.  And I’m going to pour out my “alabaster box” of my costly perfumes upon you now with the anointing of my Son- and this is the anointing of kings!  I’m going to say this again: it’s the anointing of kings!  You’re a king in my kingdom- little k,” says the lord.  “You are my kings!  My kings!  Let that sink in for a moment.  Right now, in this very moment, there is an anointing falling down out of the heavens, that establishes you as my kings,” says the Lord.  “You are my Kings.  It doesn’t matter about male or female.  He’s not looking at gender.  For there are females that are called to preach my word in the earth and to call fire down out of heaven.  Glory!  For now is your time!  Now is your time.  Now is your time.  For I have called you for such a time as this.  For this is your now time!”
  “Oh my mighty David’s, come in out of the cold.  Come out of the fields, for I am pouring out an anointing of my kings in this hour with my power and authority to establish my kingdom here in the earth.  The anointing of my son David, in the lineage of Jesus Christ of Nazareth—his anointing in the earth in unlimited portion! You have to get that word- unlimited.  It’s unlimited!  It’s unlimited! It’s unlimited!  Just receive it all by grace right now.  This is a now moment.  He’s pouring out his anointing right now in this moment.  How big is your cup? How wide is your cup? How wide and how deep is the love of God? How much do you want?  He’s not going to stop until you say, “When”!  Until YOU say, “When”.  Until you don’t want anymore.  Until you can’t take anymore.  Anointings to preach my word in the earth.  Anointings for my revelation- of my line between the line.  I’m going to open up the word and I’m going to share my heart’s desire with you.  And I’m going to reveal deep mysteries of my heart to my David’s in this hour.  Preachers: you will preach my words with a fresh fire- with a new powerful anointing- that will break the yolks like never before.  You will see the captives set free with my word in the power and demonstration of my spirit,” says the Lord.
 “For this is a new day.  The dawning of a new day.  Where I am making all things new.  I’m speaking Revelation 21:5.  I’m making all things new.  Everything.  Your ministries are going to be new and fresh unlike anything else you have ever seen.  There’ll be no point of reference for what God is about to do in your ministry.  Because, it’s not anything like the old. It won’t look the same. It won’t sound the same.  It will be completely new, and completely fresh.  God’s pouring out this anointing upon you now to equip us for every good work in Christ.  He is sending you out but not in name only but fully weaponized.  You won’t lack any one good thing.  Your cup runs over.  You’ll have too much.  And the secret of the kingdom is just to keep giving it away.  Freely have you received; freely give, and the more you give the more you’ll receive!”
“You will preach my word with my fire,” says the Lord.  “You’ll preach my word with a fresh fire, and fresh anointing like you have never known before.  For I am taking the coal and touching your lips to cleanse and purify your speech!  You’ve said, “Here I am”.  It’s the anointing of Isaiah 6 in the throne room as the seraphim cried out holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty.  For it is through your worship, as you cried out holy, holy, holy, the coal is going to touch your lips and bring his refiners fire in you to speak my words in the earth.  This will literally consume every sacrifice around you.  If there’s a tree within 100 miles around you, my fire will consume it!  My people are trees and my word will consume every tree around you.  You will cause forest fires wherever you go, in Jesus mighty name.  You’ll set this world on fire!  And I’m seeing many mighty forests yet to be consumed. And I’m seeing many blazing forest fires all across the USA and into the nations of the earth!”  
In many places in scripture, people are trees symbolically.  You are oaks of righteousness.  You are the palm trees, cedar trees, and the olive trees.  The sweet fragrance of the Lord. Humanity is seen in the burning bush; a tree set on fire with the glory of God.  I’m seeing the church as many burning bushes coming together to form one mighty forest fire in this time. “You are my burning bushes! You are the sacrifice- the altars of my worship.  You are humanity set on fire with the glory of God with nothing left to be consumed in you, where everything else is burned to a crisp,” says the Lord your God.
  This is where we are right now in the body of Christ, in this our now time, and that’s what we need.  Where if it’s not God’s; we don’t want it anyway, and we say, “God, send your fire upon this sacrifice. Send your fire, Lord!