Linger Longer in My Rain, a Flood is Coming!

Linger Longer in My Rain, a Flood is Coming!
--David Lebo
With so much turmoil swirling all around and so much uncertainty trying to press into our lives, the Lord gave me a word in response to this for His people.
“Be anxious for nothing!” My word declares in Phil. 4:6: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to God-- as you release everything over to me-- be anxious for nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing!  For even in this moment, the Prince of Peace is coming into your heart and life. The Prince of Peace, Almighty God, Everlasting Father-- the Creator of the ends of the earth-- His peace is a supernatural peace! The peace I give to you is not as the world gives. This is heaven sent!  This is supernatural and it’s falling down in the ‘Rains of my Presence’. My peace is in the rain! Let my rain saturate you to your very core, and allow the peace of God that surpasses all understanding to saturate your mind, heart, and very being to get ‘soaked to the bone’, for the I AM, that I AM, is here. I am your peace, not your checkbook, not the government, not your circumstances.  I AM! I AM! I AM YOUR PEACE!”

Let it soak in! Sometimes you have to pause and let the word soak into your very being.  As you linger longer in his presence, it gives the Lord time to minister to you. The longer you stay, the more the rain will rise, and create a flood of peace in your life!

“I am seeing a ‘Stillwater Flood’ as far as the eyes can see, a flood of my presence is flooding your life and touching every area, saturating every dry place. And it’s all just ‘Stillwater’ stretching to the horizons all around with not even a ripple or a single wave. Peace be still and know that I am God! I am your peace! I am your health!  I am your healer! I am your deliverer! I am your everything.  I am the I AM that I AM. Peace be still and know that I AM Jehovah Shalom.  Peace be still and know that I am Jehovah Rapha.  Peace be still and know that I am Jehovah Tsidkenu.  Peace be still and know that I AM Adonai; know that I am El Elyon, the possessor of heaven and earth. Know me as your Abba Father, daddy, Papa God who loves you with an everlasting love who will never leave you nor forsake you. I am longing to lavish myself upon you in great abundance. I’m not holding back anymore in this hour. The heavy rains of my presence will saturate your lives from this day on.”

 A few years ago, my friends affectionately started calling me the ‘rain man’ because the prophetic word will release God’s rain-- His presence.  If you’re in a drought, bring in a prophetic voice, one that you know and can trust, and that you’re in relationship with, to receive a prophet in the name of a prophet, the greatest of all prophets, Jesus the Messiah--Yeshua HaMashiach-- you receive the prophet’s reward; you receive the word given and position yourself to receive the outcome of the word that will be produced as it falls on good soil.  God’s word is active and brings life, blessings, the anointing, and deliverance as well as the rains of his presence falling down upon you now.

“Be still and know that I am God. (Ps. 46:10) Be still and know that I’ll be your everything today.  I’ll be your bright morning star, the beginning, and the end-- the Alpha and the Omega-- I’ll be your everything. I’ll be the beginning of every new day. I’ll be your sunset. I’ll be your night time. I am the God of the day and I am the God of the night, but there is no darkness in me. I rule the day; I rule the night.  In your darkest hour, I am still God.  In your darkest day, I am still God.  When you don’t see where you’re going I still AM.  I am He who was, and is, and is to come.  In your darkest time, I AM.  In your darkest day, I am still God. This word is an all-encompassing word.  There is healing in God’s rain.  There is deliverance in his rain.  There is peace in his rain. ALL THAT HE IS, IS IN THE RAINS OF HIS PRESENCE!”

God’s heavy rains are falling now to touch every dry place, healing the body of Christ of every sickness and infirmity, to bring peace where there is no peace, to wash away every heavy care and every heavy load. God is speaking peace to every area of life-- you fill in the blank. “I am the God of everything. I will be your everything.  I am your hope.  I am your light—a lamp to your feet and a light to your path today and always. Tomorrow, next week, I will still be with you. If you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything stop, pause, get into my presence.  Hear the still small voice.  I’ll tell you which way to go which way to turn; you’ll hear my voice.”

 Right now, touch both of your ears.  “You’ll have anointed ears from this moment on.  You’ll hear the voice of my whisper.  I will speak to you and you will hear and know my voice-- my whisper over all the noise of the world.  You’ll hear my voice behind you with anointed ears to hear the voice of the Lord for every day of your life like never before, for My sheep know My voice.”
  It is a critical day such as we have not seen in our lives to hear the voice of God not just through another vessel; but to hear him for ourselves and to hear the true, pure, Holy Spirit’s voice, confirmed by the mouth of two of three witnesses.

 “God will not do a surprise, for you will know what he is doing.  He will direct every step you take, divine downloads from heaven, divine battle plans, as you shift and move with Him, He will be bringing a divine sifting in the shaking! Don’t be alarmed.  He’s looking to find divine gold.  It’s going to sparkle, shine, and glow for His glory. It’s His divine nature shining through His people working in you and through you! You will not only tell them about Jesus, you will show the world who He is! It’s not just about you, but all those that your ministry will touch for I am raising up my sons and daughters in this hour and in many kingdom-minded ministries in a Malachi 3:3 reality. For my refiners' fire will purify the sons of Levi-- my royal priesthood.  I am bringing my fire to refine them! I have to because they will minister before me in all purity, in all holiness, and in my righteousness. Then, my fire will fall on them and they will burn with a holy passion, fire and zeal, and they will set this nation on fire!” 

“America is coming back from the brink. God has heard the cries of His people! The tide is turning!  I am turning it all around,” says the Lord God Almighty.  “America: it’s not about the governments of the earth; it’s about the government of My Kingdom,” says the Lord.  “And the government of God is invading the earth and it is coming into America, into the churches, into the highways and byways; and in this hour, my friends, hear this word-- share it with all that you can-- because it will resound loudly through the streets from one mouth to the next spreading as a wildfire!” I see people spiritually, riding horses through the streets, in great acceleration shouting, “The Glory of God is coming.  The Glory of God is coming.  The Glory of God is coming!” “This will flow into the rural areas, not just in urban places only, streams with My fire on water will flow and burn with my Glory flooding and affecting every area of life.”

“In a flood everything gets wet! Nothing is left untouched! This will affect every area of society. This flood will come into the schools once again.  You can’t keep God out of the schools.  Prayer will come back into the schools. God will come back into every church, into every highway and every byway, and yes, coming back into government.  You can’t keep God out.  It’s not a separation of church and state, because it’s about raising up righteous leaders.  I will raise up righteousness and righteous leaders, from local governments to the White House,” says the Lord God Almighty, “and they will rule with a kingdom mindset, and the mind of Christ for the good of all.  And this nation will come back to its roots, for the foundations were good, built upon my Logos word and my Rhema word. It was built upon freedom and equality for all, and so that men would live in the pursuit of freedom with a God-given dream in their heart and soul.  And when the world told them that they could not, America gave them the freedom to say yes you can.  But it is a freedom not just to do anything, but freedom in a sense that is pure and righteous, for where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” 

“Many more Kingdom-minded ministries will be raised up in this hour, in all purity and in all holiness with such freedom of God’s spirit but they won’t be out of balance, having both logos and rhema—bread and wine- in equal portions!  Receive this word for what is coming to America. Eyes have not seen nor ears have heard nor has entered into the heart of man what I am about to do.”
We are in the most exciting time that the church has seen in decades.  Hear this word: my friends, it’s not time to go by what you see with your eyes but to have spiritual eyes to walk by faith not by sight, and to have spiritual ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying in this hour.  And if you’ll just do those two things, and if I may add a third, “Abide in me,” says the Lord, “Abide in the vine.”  (John 15).  “I abide in me and everything else will come automatically. The fruit will be produced automatically. There will be no striving, no working it up, only abiding in me and the fruit will automatically come in a place of rest! Get into the rains of my presence, and the sunshine of my son shining down on your life for this is a time to flourish in the house of my God.  It’s a time for your ministries to flourish.  It a time for your churches to flourish.  Is it time for your lives to flourish like never before. Get ready!  You are an Isaiah 5:7 vineyard of the Lord!”

 The rain is falling and the s-o-n is shining down on you now, and this will be the best days of your life.  From this day on, soak in his presence, get the s-o-n, get the Logos, and eat fresh bread and fresh wine every day. Psalm 23 says, “give us this day our daily bread.”  Eat at the table of the Lord every day--  enjoy his fresh bread (word) and the fresh wine of his spirit and you’ll be the healthiest people on the face of the planet.  And in this Kingdom government, there’s the best Health Care program for my father is Jehovah Rapha where health and healing will flow in your veins.  Yeshua HaMashiach—Jesus the Messiah-- his blood flows in your veins for you hail from Nazareth, your brother was born in Bethlehem for you are sons and daughters of the Most High God and the blessings of Abraham flow in your family line! Hallelujah!


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