"You Be My Fuel; I'll Be Your Fire!"

As we cry out for more of God, at the very same moment as the words are leaving our mouths, God is crying out that same message that He wants more of us! He wants all of us! Are we willing to come to a place that we fully realize that all along God has wanted all that we are? Will we stop playing games and being religious and come to the undeniable end of ourselves and say with Paul that I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me…? (Gal. 2:20)

As we all endeaver to draw closer to our Heavenly Father, we forget that He is an all consuming fire! This is not just the fire OF God that I am speaking about– He is the FIRE! (see Deut. 4:24 ). If we want to get closer to Him, we will automatically get closer to His flames! The “fire” is a good thing! We should expect nothing less from a Holy God! Truth is, he is working to burn up everything about us that is from an old nature that we have inherited in Adam. If it’s not God’s– you don’t want it anyway! So, let him have his way with you and have complete access to all that you are— every area of your life!

Here’s the catch. God needs your full cooperation and permission to do what he wants to do TO you, IN you, and then THROUGH you! Many believer’s want to be used by God and have Him move through them, but they try to bypass the first two steps, unwilling to pay the price to get there! Can’t do it… won’t happen…

He wants it all. Everything that there is about you! Give Him full access to every area and detail of your existance. To the degree you give yourself over to God, will be to the degree that He pours Himself back out to you. “Give and it shall be given… ” (see Lk. 6:38 )

He is the Refiner’s Fire! Like it or not, that’s what He does! And, it’s for your own good. He is trying to eliminate some things in our lives that just keeps hanging us up, and the enemy just keeps using them against us over, and over, and over again! So, put it all on the altar of God today! Don’t delay. Don’t hesitate! Just let go and let God! He will burn up everything that is put on that altar! (see I Kings 17 and 18) The things that are held back will remain. The choice is yours to make. God is longing for a place for His fire to fall upon, but we must be willing to be the sacrifice, repair the altars of God, and put it all on the line! It is a desperate hour! God needs for us to hear this word and answer the call! Will you be the one? Will you pay the price? The cost is great; but the dividends are out of this world! It is entirely up to you. How much do you want? How far do you want to go in God? He desperately wants to pour out Himself upon His people today. He is just looking for a place for His fire to fall.

“Will you be my fuel? I’ll be your fire”, says the Lord. “I will set you on fire with my glory…vessels of gold… carriers of my presence… arks of my covenant… I will set the nations on fire! Will you answer the call? Will you be the one? Will you go in my name? Will you go in my power? Will you stand up for me? I will make you into a burning bush for me! Humanity on fire with my Glory! Everything that can be consumed will be consumed! Get ready, get ready, get ready… prepare your altar of God… for the fire is about to fall.”


David Lebo


Posted by Dave on November 23, 2013
Love your insite bro... keep it up!!
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